How to export timesheets to Xero

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With an integration to Xero, you can export your team's timesheets from Atto with the single click of a button.

To export timesheets:
  1. In the Atto web app, click on Xero from the main menu
  2. Select Export Timesheets from the dropdown
  3. Select the pay period and export dates
  4. Click on Export

All timesheets recorded during the selected pay period and export dates with be exported to Xero Timesheets with a Draft status. Timesheet exports will include all employees that have the selected pay period in your Xero account.

Some important details about exporting timesheets:
  • Regular and overtime hours will be categorized based on your Atto account's settings and exported to Xero accordingly. We'll match our regular and overtime categorizations to the selected pay items during setup. 
  • Your break preferences setup in Atto impacts how regular and overtime hours are exported to Xero. Paid break hours will be exported as regular or overtime, depending on the hours tracked, while unpaid break hours will not be included in the regular or overtime exports.
  • If you edit existing timesheets in Atto, you need to export those timesheets again as per the steps explained above. Timesheets will not be updated automatically.
  • Timesheets that have an Approved status in Xero will not be exported from Atto. If you need to update an Approved timesheet, first, make sure that you change the timesheet's status to Draft in Xero and then export it from Atto.
  • If you change an employee's pay calendar in Xero, you will need to import the new pay calendar to Atto by using the "Update Pay Calendar" feature, found in the Xero dropdown in Atto. Otherwise, their timesheets might not export correctly.

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