Who Receives the Automated Timesheet Report

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Atto's timesheet report provides valuable insights into your team's productivity and resource allocation. By default, the timesheet report is sent to the account owner. However, you can expand the recipient list to include other team members who require access to this information.

Adding Additional Recipients

If you need to add other team members to the timesheet report recipients list, follow these steps:

  1. Verify Admin Status: Ensure that the team members you want to add are listed as Admins in your Atto account. This grants them the necessary permissions to receive the report.
  2. Contact Atto Support: Send an email to support@attotime.com with the subject line "Add Timesheet Report Recipients".
  3. Provide Recipient Information: In the email body, list the full names of the team members you want to add as recipients.

By effectively managing timesheet report recipients, you can streamline the flow of critical information and empower your team to achieve their goals.

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