How to Access Location History Report

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Easily access detailed location history reports for your team members using Atto's mobile app. These reports give you a thorough overview of day-to-day movements and activities.

Steps to View Location History:

  1. Open the Atto App and tap on the “Reports Tab.”

  2. Navigate to the “Timesheets” section.

  3. Choose a Team Member and the specific time entry you want to review.

  4. In the “Time Card” view, you'll see comprehensive data for the selected team member.

  5. Tap on “Timeline View” for a detailed overview of time card entries and location movements.

Before You Start:

Ensure these requirements are met for location history reports:

  • Location Tracking Enabled: Activate the "While on the clock" tracking option in account settings. Learn more in our Location Tracking Preferences article.

  • Device Permissions: Team members must allow Atto access to their device's location services by setting location permissions to "Always Allow" on iOS or "Allow all the time" on Android. For setup, see Setting Up Location Tracking Permissions.

Report Highlights:

Location history reports can include:

  • Clock-In Data: Times, locations, and durations at job sites.

  • Breaks: Start/end times (Break locations are not tracked).

  • Job Site Visits: Names, addresses, arrival/departure times, and duration on site.

  • Travel Routes: Documented movements and travel times.

Viewing and Updating Reports:

  • Location history is available post-clock out and viewable only on the mobile app.

  • Editing a time entry with location data will update the report to reflect the most current GPS information.

Benefits of Using Location History Reports:

  • Work Hour Clarity: Understand precise work hours, site time, and movements.

  • Accountability: Provides a comprehensive record of work activities and locations, enhancing team responsibility.

By leveraging location history reports in Atto, you gain invaluable insights into your team's movements, ensuring accurate time tracking and reinforcing accountability.

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