Job Code Report Download Guide (Web and Mobile)

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Atto's Job Code Tracking helps you manage how time is spent across tasks and projects, ensuring efficient resource use and accurate payroll.

Accessing Job Code Insights:

  1. Head to Reports: Open Atto and navigate to the “Reports” section.

  2. Select Job Codes: Tap the “Job Code” tab for detailed task and project time distribution.

  3. Customize Search: Filter by time frame and team member. Use the search to pinpoint specific job codes.

  4. Deep Dive: On mobile, select the “Job Codes” tab; on the web, view the job codes breakdown.

  5. Download Report: For a PDF summary:

    • Web Dashboard: Click "Download" in the Reports tab, select "Job Code Report".

    • Mobile App: Tap the download icon in the top right, choose "Job Code Report".

Report Highlights:

  • Job Code Overview: Lists all job codes for the period.

  • Hours Allocation: Shows total hours logged under each code.

  • Team Member Contributions: Breaks down hours by team member for granular analysis.

  • Unassigned Hours: Captures work not tied to a specific job code for full scope insight.

Advantages of Job Code Tracking:

  • Strategic Planning: Make informed decisions on task assignments and project planning.

  • Maximize Efficiency: Identify where to optimize resources for better productivity.

  • Project Management: Enhanced monitoring of project progress and resource allocation.

  • Financial Accuracy: Facilitate correct billing and payroll through detailed task documentation.

By effectively utilizing Atto’s job code feature, you not only streamline project management and resource allocation but also ensure financial processes are tightly controlled for better overall operational efficiency.

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