Downloading Timesheet Reports (Web and Mobile)

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Get a comprehensive view of your team's work hours and productivity with Atto's timesheet reports. These reports help you track time spent on tasks, streamline workflows, and improve team efficiency.

Steps to Download Timesheet Reports:

  1. Open Atto and head to the “Reports Tab.”

  2. Click on “Timesheets.”

  3. Adjust the time period and select a team member if needed.

  4. To download:

    • On the web dashboard, click the "Download" button in the Timesheets section.

    • On the mobile app, tap the download icon in the upper right corner.

  5. Choose "Timesheet Report" from the dropdown menu.

What You'll Find in Timesheet Reports:

  • Overview: Summarizes total work hours, breaking them down into regular hours, paid/unpaid breaks, and overtime, offering a snapshot of work patterns.

  • Estimated Pay: Calculates the pay based on hourly rates and work hours.

  • Job Codes: Details hours spent on specific tasks, providing insight into task distribution.

  • Recorded Time Entries: Lists start and end times, job codes, and notes for individual entries, offering granular work details.

Benefits of Downloading Timesheet Reports:

Downloading reports in Atto simplifies how you view and analyze your team's productivity. With detailed insights into work patterns and the option to download in PDF or CSV formats, you can easily assess productivity and make data-driven decisions to enhance team performance.

Regularly reviewing these reports can help pinpoint productivity trends, identify areas for efficiency improvement, and ensure accurate payroll management. Atto streamlines this process, making it easy to gather and analyze the data you need to lead your team effectively.

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