Understanding Timesheet Reports

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Atto’s timesheet reports are instrumental in analyzing work patterns, job codes, and overall team performance. This guide focuses on navigating and utilizing these reports to optimize team management and ensure accurate payroll.

Accessing Timesheet Reports:

  1. Open Reports: Head to the “Reports Tab” in Atto.

  2. Choose Timesheets: Click on the “Timesheets” section.

  3. Select a Team Member: Pick the team member you wish to review.

What You'll Find:

  • Overview of total hours, overtime, estimated pay, job codes, and recorded time entries.

Customize Viewing Period:

  • Default Week View: Atto defaults to the current work week based on your workweek start day.

  • Mobile App Navigation: Use the date bar to switch weeks or select a custom period for detailed insights.

Timesheet Data Insights:

  • Shorter Periods (up to 8 weeks): Displays daily clock-in and -out times and total hours.

  • Longer Periods (over 8 weeks): Adds workweek dates and totals for an extended overview.

Generating Comprehensive Reports:

  1. Go to Reports: Navigate to the “Reports Tab”.

  2. Adjust Settings: Choose a time period/team member if needed.

  3. Download Report: Click "Download" and select "Timesheet Report" for a PDF or CSV format.

Understanding the Report:

  • Breakdown of work hours into regular, overtime, paid/unpaid breaks, and time off.

  • Estimated pay based on hours and rates.

  • Job code analysis for task tracking.

  • Detailed time entries for accountability.

Leveraging Timesheet Reports:

These reports enable a granular look into each team member's work habits and areas for optimization, from resource allocation to task prioritization, ensuring your management strategies are data-driven and effective.

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