Atto Pricing Plans

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Atto offers four different plans, each with a set of features to fit various business needs. Here's a simple breakdown to help you choose the best one for your team.

Atto's Plans at a Glance:

  • Starter: Best for basics

    • Monthly Price: $6.95/user/month

    • Annual Price: $5.65/user/month (Save 20% with Annual)

    • Features: Offers fundamental time tracking capabilities, including timesheets, job details management, and overtime calculations — ideal for small teams and basic requirements.

  • Plus: For teams that want more

    • Monthly Price: $9.95/user/month

    • Annual Price: $7.95/user/month (Save 20% with Annual)

    • Features: Expands on the Starter with team communication via chat, real-time GPS tracking, time off management, and hourly pay rates—great for growing teams needing more functionality.

  • Advanced Plan: Comprehensive Tracking — Best Value!

    • Monthly Price: $12.95/user/month

    • Annual Price: $10.75/use /month (Save 20% with Annual)

    • Features: Adds mileage tracking, time clock kiosk access, detailed job pay rates, and advanced overtime settings—suitable for businesses that need comprehensive tracking and management tools.

  • Expert: For full-scale management

    • Monthly Price: $19.95/user/month

    • Annual Price: $16.55/user/month (Save 20% with Annual)

    • Features: Includes all Advanced features with added benefits like priority support, personalized onboarding assistance, custom implementation support, and API access for extensive system integration.

Managing Your Plan:

  • Flexibility: Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel as your business needs change. Easy transitions to ensure your plan always fits your requirements.

  • Automatic Seats Adjustment: Atto automatically updates your seat count at the start of each billing period to reflect your actual usage, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

  • Transparent Billing: Detailed insights into your billing cycle and charges are always available in your account settings, helping you stay informed and in control.

Choosing Your Plan:

Consider your team's specific needs and daily operations to select a plan that provides the tools you need without paying for unnecessary extras.

Additional Support:

  • Feature Comparison: Use the 'Feature Comparison' link in your account settings to see detailed differences between plans.

  • Support: Our customer support is ready to assist with any queries or guidance required in selecting or managing your plan.

With Atto's flexible plans and supportive customer service, you can ensure that your business has the time tracking tools it needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

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