How to Switch Between Atto Subscription Plans

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Navigating your subscription options in Atto is straightforward and flexible, allowing you to adapt your plan as your business needs evolve.

Switching Billing Frequency:

  1. Access Your Subscription: Log into your Atto account and navigate to the Subscription section.

  2. Change Billing Cycle: In the 'Your Active Plan' section, click “Switch to Monthly” or "Switch to Annual".

  3. Confirm Your Choice: Verify the change to update your billing frequency. Note that the full amount for the new plan will be charged at your next renewal date.

Changing Your Subscription Plan:

  1. Access Your Subscription: Navigate to Atto Subscription Dashboard and log in to your account.

  2. Select a New Plan: In the 'Your Active Plan' section, click 'Change your plan'. Choose from the available options (Starter, Plus, Advanced, Expert) and review the updated costs that will apply at the next billing cycle.

  3. Adjust Billing According to Plan Change:

    • Upgrading: An immediate prorated charge for the remaining time in your current billing period will be processed.

    • Downgrading: Receive a prorated credit for the unused portion of your current plan, which can be used for future charges.

  4. Confirm Changes: Finalize your choice to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Note: If you initiate a change to your Atto plan but decide to keep your current setup, you can cancel this pending change and your plan will remain as it was with no effect on your current billing period.

By following these steps, you can easily adjust your Atto subscription to better fit your needs, whether you're scaling up for more features or adjusting to a simpler plan.

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