Adding and Editing Images in Notes

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Atto not only simplifies time tracking but also enriches note-taking with the ability to add images. This feature enhances the detail and context of your notes, making them visually informative. Here’s how to easily incorporate images into your notes, followed by guidance on editing them.

Adding Images to Notes:

  1. Start in Time Clock: Open the ‘Time Clock’ section within the Atto app.

  2. Initiate Note Addition: Tap the "Add Notes" button located below the clock-out option.

  3. Insert Images: Select the camera icon to add images from your device.

  4. Choose and Upload: Pick the images you wish to include (up to 5 per note).

  5. Finalize: Save your enhanced notes by tapping “Add Notes.”

Note: Images cannot be added while in offline mode, and there’s a limit of 5 images per note.

Editing Uploaded Images in Timecards:

  1. Access Reports: Navigate to the ‘Report’ tab and select the ‘Timesheet’ tab.

  2. Find the Employee: From the Members list, choose the employee whose image note needs editing.

  3. Locate the Note: Scroll to ‘Notes’ and click on the specific day with the image note.

  4. Start Editing: Tap the pencil icon beside ‘Member Notes’ to edit the images.

  5. Save Changes: Update your notes by clicking “Add Notes” after editing.


  • Visual Context: Images add a powerful visual dimension to your notes, making them more comprehensive.

  • Detailed Documentation: Capturing images related to tasks or incidents provides clear evidence and supports detailed record-keeping.

  • Edit Flexibility: The ability to edit images ensures your notes always reflect the most accurate and current information.

With Atto, integrating images into your notes not only bolsters the clarity and effectiveness of your documentation but also enhances the overall utility of your timecards.


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