Common Atto Clock-In Issues and Solutions

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This comprehensive guide delves into the most common reasons and their corresponding solutions, empowering you to resolve the issue and seamlessly begin tracking your work hours.

1. Location Tracking Requirements: Depending on location tracking preferences, Atto may require location tracking to ensure accurate clock-in and clock-out times. If your device hasn't granted the necessary permissions, you'll need to adjust your settings.


  •  On iOS:
  1. Open your device’s Settings app
  2. Go to Privacy > Location Services
  3. Select Atto from the list of apps
  4. Set Allow Location Access to “Always” or "While Using," depending on your account's settings.
  5. Enable "Precise Location"
  • On Android:
  1. Open your device’s Settings app
  2. Go to Security & Location > Location
    1. If you don't see "Security & location," tap Location
    2. If you have a work profile, before you tap Location, tap Advanced.
  3. Go to App Level Permissions
  4. Select Atto from the list of apps
  5. Set location access to "Allow all the time" or "Allow only while using the app," depending on your account's settings.

2. Job Code Requirement: Your account may require selecting a job code before clocking in. This helps categorize your work activities and ensure proper billing.

Solution: When prompted to start tracking your work hours, choose the appropriate job code from the available options.

3. Job Site Requirement: Your location may need to be within a designated job site to clock in. This ensures that you are working at the correct location and for the intended project.

Solution: Ensure you are within the boundaries of the specified job site before attempting to clock in. 

4. Technical Support: Unresolved problems or issues not covered above.

Solution: Contact Atto's support team at or here, providing additional details for personalized assistance.


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