Tracking Work Hours: Easy Start and End

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Atto's time tracking is designed for ease and accuracy, allowing you to record work hours at any time of the day seamlessly. Here's how to navigate the Time Clock interface in the Atto app:

Recording Your Work Hours:

  1. Launch Atto: Open the Atto app to start.

  2. Clock In: Tap on the Time Clock tab and press the green “Clock In” button to initiate the timer.

During Your Workday:

  • Add Notes: Enter relevant details or observations about your shift.

  • Take a Break: Log any breaks to keep your work hours accurate.

  • Add Job: Assign a job code when you start a new task. And, if your task changes, you can easily switch to a different job code.

Ending Your Session:

  • Clock Out: Use the red “Clock Out” button to stop recording your work hours.

Atto's Automated Timesheets:

  • Review Timesheets: In the Reports tab, you can see a detailed record of your hours, job codes, breaks, and notes.

  • Insightful Features: Analyze your timesheet for a clear picture of your work patterns.

Tips for Efficient Use:

  • The interface displays the current time and duration since you've clocked in at the top for easy reference.

  • The job you're clocked in for is displayed above the Clock Out button – a quick check to ensure accuracy.

  • Your actions – Clock In, Add Notes, Take Break, Switch Job, Clock Out – are all one tap away, right at your fingertips.

Atto's mobile app is designed to make your time tracking straightforward, from clocking in to reviewing your timesheet. This user-friendly approach ensures you spend less time managing hours and more time focusing on your work.

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