App Permissions Explained

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Getting the most out of your Atto app involves understanding the permissions it requires. Here's a simple breakdown to help you navigate these permissions easily:

Location Tracking:

  • For Continuous Tracking (While on the Clock):
    • iOS Users: Choose "Always" permission.
    • Android Users: Set to "Allow all the time."
  • For Clock-In/Out Only Tracking:
    • iOS Users: Opt for "While using the app."
    • Android Users: Go with "Allow only while using the app."
  • If "Never" location tracking is selected, you won't be required to enable location tracking permissions.

Note: GPS tracking is active only during clocked-in periods and stops once you clock out.

For more information on Location Tracking and accessing location tracking permissions, refer to this article: Your Guide to Atto's Location Tracking Feature

Push Notifications:

  • Essential for timely reminders and alerts.
  • Manage these settings under Settings > Notifications.

Storage Access:

  • Primarily for older Android devices to handle map data.


  • Personalize your profile in Atto with your photo.

Your Privacy is a Priority:

Rest easy knowing that granting these permissions does not give Atto access to your personal data. Your privacy and data security are paramount to us.

By understanding and customizing your permission settings, you can optimize your experience with Atto while maintaining control over your data. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding permissions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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