How Time Card Edits are Recorded

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Atto ensures transparency and accuracy in time tracking with its audit trail feature for time card modifications. Each change to a time card is meticulously recorded, with the original entry preserved for reference. This promotes accountability and maintains the integrity of work hour records.

How to Access Time Card Edit History:

  1. Navigate to Reports: Go to the “Reports” tab and select “Timesheets.”

  2. Select a Team Member: Choose whose time card edits you're interested in.

  3. Find the Edited Time Card: Under “Work Hours,” look for the day with the desired time entry.

  4. Spot Edited Entries: Entries with modifications are marked with a pink “M” icon.

  5. Examine Changes (Web Only): Clicking on the “M” icon (available only on the web interface) displays a popup detailing the original and the edited entries.

Utilizing Atto’s edit history feature, you can seamlessly manage time card accuracy and transparency, reinforcing a trustful work environment and facilitating precise payroll processing.

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