How to Download a Job Code Report (Web & Mobile)

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Atto's job code report empowers you to effortlessly track down the hours spent on each job code, by which employee, and across various dates. This report provides valuable insights into your team's resource allocation and project-specific time expenditures.

To download a job code report from Atto:

  1. Head to Reports: Open Atto and navigate to the “Reports” section.

  2. Select Job Codes: Tap the “Job Code” tab for detailed task and project time distribution.

  3. Customize Search: Filter by time frame and team member. Use the search to pinpoint specific job codes.

  4. Deep Dive: On mobile, select the “Job Codes” tab; on the web, view the job codes breakdown.

  5. Download Report: For a PDF summary:

    • Web Dashboard: Click "Download" in the Reports tab, select "Job Code Report".

    • Mobile App: Tap the download icon in the top right, choose "Job Code Report".

Understanding Job Code Report

The generated report will provide a detailed breakdown of job code usage during the selected timeframe. Key information includes:

  • List of Job Codes: Each job code used will be listed.
  • Total Hours per Job Code: For each job code, the report will show the total hours worked by all team members combined.
  • Individual Team Member Hours: The report will also display the hours each team member spent on each job code, providing personalized insights into their work allocation.
  • No Job Code Hours: A dedicated row will show the total hours worked without a specific job code assigned, offering further context.

By regularly downloading job code reports, you gain valuable insights into job code utilization, employee productivity across different projects, and potential areas for resource optimization. Utilize these insights to make informed decisions and enhance your team's performance.

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