Disabling Manual Entries

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Ensure the integrity of your team's time tracking with Atto's controlled manual time card entry settings.

Setting Up Permissions:

Disable General Access:

  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Manual Entries’.

  • Toggle “Allow Manual Entries” to OFF for the team.

Enable for Select Roles:

  • Allow Admins or specific roles to edit and add time cards by adjusting permissions. This ensures only authorized edits.

Account Owner Rights:

  • The account owner retains full capability to modify time cards, regardless of general settings.

Why Manage Manual Entries?

  • Maintain Data Accuracy: Restricting manual entries prevents unauthorized alterations, ensuring reliable time records.

  • Enhanced Security: Limits time card modifications to authorized personnel, safeguarding against potential data tampering.

  • Audit Trail: Creates a clear record of any changes for accountability and transparency.

By fine-tuning manual entry permissions in Atto, you align time tracking practices with your business’s need for accuracy and security.

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