Managing Manual Time Entry Permissions

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Atto's manual time entry feature provides flexibility for team members to add, edit, or delete time entries as needed. This feature can be particularly useful for correcting mistakes, accommodating forgotten clock-ins or clock-outs, or handling situations where team members are unable to clock in or out electronically. However, to maintain data integrity and prevent unauthorized modifications, it's important to control manual time entry permissions based on user roles.

Enabling Manual Time Entries

  1. Go to Settings > Manual Entries
  2. Turn “Allow Manual Entries” on

Assigning User Role Permissions

Once manual time entries are enabled, you can define the permissions for different user roles:

  • Employee Role: Users with an Employee role will only be able to edit their own time entries. This ensures that they can correct any mistakes in their own work records without affecting other team members' entries.
  • Manager or Admin Role: Users with a Manager or Admin role will have the ability to edit time entries for the entire team. This allows them to make changes to time entries for other users, such as correcting mistakes, adding forgotten entries, or adjusting time records for team members who are unable to clock in or out electronically.

Benefits of Controlled Manual Time Entry Permissions

Controlling manual time entry permissions offers several benefits:

  • Data Integrity: It safeguards the accuracy and integrity of time entry data by preventing unauthorized modifications and ensuring that only authorized users can make changes.
  • Accountability: It promotes accountability by ensuring that team members are responsible for their own time records and that managers or admins have oversight for making necessary corrections or adjustments.
  • Improved Payroll Accuracy: Precise and reliable time entry data leads to accurate payroll calculations and fair compensation for team members.

By implementing and managing manual time entry permissions effectively, you can promote data accuracy, accountability, efficiency, and transparency within your organization, ensuring a reliable foundation for time tracking and payroll processing.

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