Adding and Managing Team Members Pay Rates

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Navigating pay rate adjustments in Atto is streamlined for both default and job-specific rates, ensuring precise and transparent compensation practices. Here’s how to effortlessly update pay rates, keeping your team’s compensation accurate and up-to-date.

Setting Up Default Pay Rates:

  1. Access Pay Rate Settings: In Atto, navigate to 'Settings' > 'Pay Rate'.

  2. Choose a Team Member: Pick a team member to assign a new default pay rate.

  3. Enable Pay Rate Tracking: Activate the "Pay Rate" feature for the selected member.

  4. Input Rate Details: Click '+ Add default Pay rate', fill in the hourly rate and the effective date, then confirm by clicking 'Add Pay Rate'.

  5. Review Added Rates: A comprehensive list of all added Pay Rates for the user will be displayed, including hourly rates and effective dates for full visibility.

Adding Job-Specific Pay Rates:

  1. Initiate Job Pay Rate Addition: Select 'Add Job Pay Rate'.

  2. Specify Job Code and Details: Choose a job code, input the hourly rate and effective date, and complete the process by clicking 'Add Pay Rate'.

  3. Transparent Management: All Job Pay Rates for the user, along with Job Code names, hourly rates, and effective dates, will be listed, enhancing transparency and management efficiency.

Editing and Deleting Pay Rates:

  • Making Adjustments: To edit or delete any pay rate, default or job-specific, simply click on the desired rate.

  • Updating Information: For edits, modify the details and click 'Save' to apply changes.

  • Removing Rates: To delete, choose 'Delete Pay Rate' or 'Delete Job Pay Rate' to efficiently remove the rate from your records.

Important Note:

  • Pay Rates: Admins can't see each other's rates. Set a default rate before adding job pay rates. Job codes cannot share the same effective date.

Key Benefits:

  • Accuracy: With up-to-date pay rates, payroll calculations remain precise, minimizing discrepancies.

  • Transparency: Detailed listings of pay rates promote clarity and ease of access to historical data.

  • Strategic Planning: The ability to manage default and job-specific rates aids in making informed compensation decisions.

With Atto, updating pay rates is straightforward, enhancing payroll accuracy and team satisfaction.

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