Setting Up Timesheet Rounding

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Atto's timesheet rounding feature allows you to automatically round employees' clock-in and clock-out times to the nearest specified increment, ensuring consistency and simplifying payroll calculations. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that prefer to manage work hours in rounded increments rather than tracking exact clock-in and clock-out times.

Enabling Timesheet Rounding

To enable timesheet rounding and configure the desired rounding increment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Time Options Settings
  3. Enable “Rounding”
  4. Choose Rounding Increment: Select the desired rounding increment from the available options: 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes. This determines the interval to which clock-in and clock-out times will be rounded.
  5. Save Changes

Countdown for Initial Clock-in

When timesheet rounding is enabled, team members may observe a countdown timer upon their initial clock-in. This countdown indicates the remaining time until their clock-in time will be rounded to the nearest increment. For example, if a team member clocks in at 8:10 AM and the rounding increment is set to 15 minutes, the timer will countdown from -5 minutes. This visual cue helps team members understand the rounding process and anticipate the rounded clock-in time.

Benefits of Timesheet Rounding

Implementing timesheet rounding offers several advantages:

  • Simplicity: It simplifies payroll calculations by reducing the need for manual rounding and ensuring consistency in work hour totals.
  • Consistency: It maintains consistency in work hour records, eliminating discrepancies arising from individual clock-in and clock-out times.

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