Converting Hours to Decimal Format

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Atto provides the option to display timecards in decimal format, which can be useful for calculating precise work hours and accurately reflecting time commitments. By enabling the decimal hour setting, you can convert standard hour-based timecards into decimal format for easier calculations and data analysis.

Enabling Decimal Hours

To enable decimal hours in Atto's timesheet system, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Time Options
  3. Enable "Use Decimal Hours"

Once activated, all timecards within Atto will be displayed in decimal format. This means that instead of seeing "8h 30m" for an 8-hour and 30 min workday, you will see "8.50." This conversion applies to both clock-in/out times and total work hours, ensuring consistent and accurate data representation.

Converting hours to decimal format in Atto offers a simple yet powerful way to enhance your timekeeping practices and gain valuable insights into your team's work performance.

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