Timesheets: A Simple Overview

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Atto's timesheet reports offer a wealth of information to streamline your team's time management and refine payroll calculations. This article guides you through the essential elements of a timesheet report, helping you leverage Atto for optimal workforce management.

Key Sections of a Timesheet Report:


  • Total Hours Worked: Quick view of total hours worked by the team or individuals within a chosen period.

Hour Breakdown:

  • Regular Hours: See standard hours worked to ensure labor regulation compliance.

  • Paid Breaks: Track the duration of paid breaks for accurate timekeeping.

  • Unpaid Breaks: Identify unpaid breaks for precise payroll.

  • Overtime Hours: Monitor extra work hours for correct payroll and compliance.

  • Time Off: Distinguish between paid and unpaid leave for clear record-keeping.

Navigation Tools:

  • Search: Easily find team members' timesheets by name or keyword.

  • Filter: Narrow down timesheets by department for efficient management.

  • All Members: Access all timesheets, including those of former members, in one place.

Timesheet Customization:

  • Period Schedule: Adjust the timesheet view (daily, weekly, custom) to focus on relevant data.

  • Estimated Pay: Quick reference for estimated pay based on hours worked and hourly rate.

Deep Dives:

  • Job Codes: Analyze hours spent on specific tasks for insight into project progress and resource allocation.

  • Recorded Daily Timeline: Detailed view of daily activities, including work times, job codes, and notes.

Benefits of Using Timesheet Reports:

  • Informed Decisions: Deep insights into work hours and payroll data support strategic planning.

  • Efficient Management: Simplifies team oversight, including compliance and payroll processing.

  • Tailored Reporting: Customizable views cater to specific analysis needs.

  • Project and Task Tracking: Categorize time by job codes for better project and resource management.

Utilizing Atto's timesheet reports not only enhances time tracking accuracy but also boosts overall operational efficiency. For detailed instructions on downloading Timesheet Reports, refer to this help center article: Downloading Timesheet Reports on Web & Mobile


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