How to View Hours Tracked for Each Job Code

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Atto's job code tracking feature allows you to effectively monitor and analyze the time your team members spend on specific job categories. This information is crucial for understanding work allocation, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring accurate payroll processing.

Viewing Job Code Hours

  1. Go to Timesheets
  2. Select the time period and/or member you wish to review job codes for
  3. Select to the Job Codes tab on mobile or review the Job Codes box on the web
  4. Job Code Hours Breakdown: The job code breakdown will list each job code used during the selected time period, along with the corresponding total hours tracked for each job code.

Generating Job Code Report

To generate a comprehensive job code report in PDF format, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Timesheets
  2. Change the time period and/or select a team member, if necessary
  3. In the Timesheets box, click on the "Download" button
  4. Select "Job Code Report" from the dropdown

Understanding Job Code Report

The generated report will provide a detailed breakdown of job code usage during the selected timeframe. Key information includes:

  • List of Job Codes: Each job code used will be listed.
  • Total Hours per Job Code: For each job code, the report will show the total hours worked by all team members combined.
  • Individual Team Member Hours: The report will also display the hours each team member spent on each job code, providing personalized insights into their work allocation.
  • No Job Code Hours: A dedicated row will show the total hours worked without a specific job code assigned, offering further context.

Benefits of Job Code Tracking

Job code tracking offers several benefits for managing team work and optimizing resource allocation:

  • Work Allocation Insights: Gain insights into how your team's time is distributed across different job categories.
  • Resource Optimization: Identify areas where resources can be reallocated to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Project Management: Track time spent on specific projects and tasks to monitor progress and identify potential roadblocks.
  • Customer Billing: Accurately bill clients for services rendered by tracking time spent on their projects or tasks.

By effectively utilizing Atto's job code tracking and reporting features, you can gain valuable insights into your team's work activities, optimize resource allocation, streamline project management, and ensure accurate payroll and customer billing processes.

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