Viewing a Team Member’s Timesheet Report

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Atto's timesheet reports provide valuable insights into team member work hours, job codes, and overall activity. As an admin or a manager, you can easily access and review your teams and individual timesheet reports to gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's work patterns and performance.

Navigating to Timesheet Reports

  1. Go to Timesheets.
  2. View your Team Overall Timesheet or Select the Team Member's Name
  3. Timesheet Report Overview: For your whole team or for the selecting the team member, their timesheet report will be displayed. The report provides a summary of their total hours worked, overtime, estimated pay, job codes, and recorded time entries.

Customizing the Time Period

  1. Default Week: By default, Atto displays timesheet data for the current workweek, starting on your designated workweek start day and encompassing seven consecutive 24-hour periods.
  2. Mobile App Time Period Selection: For mobile app users, tap on the previous or next button in the current date bar to navigate between weeks. Alternatively, tap on the current date to open the date picker and select a custom time period.
  3. Timesheet Data for Different Time Periods:
    • Time Period of 8 or Fewer Weeks: If you select a time period of 8 or fewer weeks, the listed items will show the date, first clock-in and last clock-out times, and total hours for each day.
    • Time Period of 8 or More Weeks: For time periods of 8 or more weeks, the listed items will additionally display the workweek dates and total hours for each workweek. This provides a more comprehensive overview of the team member's work activity over an extended period.

Generating Timesheet Report

To generate a comprehensive timesheet report in PDF or CSV format, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Timesheets
  2. Change the time period and/or select a team member, if necessary
  3. In the Timesheets box, click on the "Download" button
  4. Select "Timesheet Report" from the dropdown

Understanding Timesheet Report Data

The timesheet report provides valuable information about the team member's work activities:

  • Overview: This section presents the total hours worked by the team member within the chosen timeframe. Furthermore, it provides a detailed breakdown of these total hours, categorizing them into regular hours, paid and unpaid breaks, overtime hours, as well as paid or unpaid time off.
  • Estimated Pay: An estimate of the team member's pay based on their hourly rate and total hours worked.
  • Job Codes: A breakdown of the team member's work hours by job code, indicating the types of tasks they performed.
  • Recorded Time Entries: A detailed list of individual time entries, including start and end times, job codes, and any additional notes or attachments.

By carefully reviewing timesheet reports, you can gain insights into individual and team performance, identify potential areas for improvement, and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation.

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