Why "Location Permissions OFF" Appears in Team Activity & How to Solve It

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Atto's location tracking relies on user consent and device permissions to function effectively. If a team member's activity displays "Location Permissions OFF," it indicates that they have disabled location access for Atto on their device.

Cause of the "Location Permissions OFF" Message

The "Location Permissions OFF" message appears when Atto attempts to update a team member's current location but is unable to access their location data due to disabled location permissions. This can occur if the team member turned off location permissions after clocking in.

Resolving the Issue

To resolve the "Location Permissions OFF" issue, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the team member directly and inform them of the issue.
  2. Request the team member to check their device's location settings and ensure that location permissions are enabled for Atto.
  3. Provide clear instructions on how to enable location permissions, if necessary. For detailed instructions, refer to this help center article: Setting up Location Tracking Permission on Mobile
  4. Once the team member has enabled location permissions, their current location should start updating accurately in Atto.

Importance of Location Permissions

Accurate location tracking is crucial for various aspects of Atto's functionality, including:

  • Verifying team member whereabouts and ensuring accountability
  • Providing insights into work patterns and job site visits
  • Enabling efficient management of team activities

Therefore, it is essential for team members to have location permissions enabled for Atto to fully utilize the platform's capabilities.

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