Location Tracking Accuracy

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Atto strives to provide accurate GPS tracking for team members, ensuring reliable location information. In general, the accuracy of a team member's clock-in/out locations and current location will be within 100 feet. However, there are several factors that can influence location accuracy, and in some instances, the displayed location may be less precise.

The accuracy value represents an approximate measurement of the uncertainty in the team member's current location. A lower accuracy value indicates a higher level of precision, while a higher accuracy value suggests a larger margin of error.

Accuracy of Location Data

Atto prioritizes providing the most accurate location information available. If the device's GPS cannot provide a location with an accuracy of less than 100 feet within a specified period, Atto will display the most accurate location available along with its corresponding accuracy level.

The accuracy value displayed in Atto is typically represented in feet. Lower values indicate a more precise location, while higher values suggest a larger margin of error.

Factors Affecting GPS Tracking Accuracy

Several factors can impact the accuracy of GPS tracking:

  • Device Surroundings: Concrete and underground structures, carrying the device in a bag, or various obstacles can weaken the GPS signal, potentially reducing location accuracy.
  • Cellular or Wi-Fi Signal: Limited or no cellular or Wi-Fi signal in certain areas can hinder location accuracy due to the lack of connectivity.
  • Weather Conditions: Cloudier skies can interfere with GPS signal reception, potentially affecting location precision.
  • Device Hardware Issues: In rare cases, hardware issues with the device's GPS may lead to malfunctioning or inaccurate location data.

Utilizing the Accuracy Value

The accuracy value provides valuable context for interpreting a team member's current location. For instance, if a team member is reported to be at a specific job site with a low accuracy value, it indicates a high degree of confidence in their presence at that location. Conversely, a higher accuracy value suggests that the location may be less precise, and further investigation may be warranted.

Ensuring Accurate Location Tracking

To minimize potential inaccuracies and ensure the best possible location tracking:

  • Encourage team members to carry their devices in an unobstructed manner, avoiding placement in bags or pockets.
  • Ensure adequate cellular or Wi-Fi coverage in work areas.
  • Monitor location updates during periods of inclement weather, particularly heavy cloud cover.
  • Check for potential device hardware issues if location accuracy consistently appears to be below expectations.

By understanding the factors affecting GPS tracking accuracy and taking appropriate measures, you can help ensure that Atto provides reliable and precise location information for your team members.

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