Accessing Location History Report

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Location history reports in Atto are invaluable for monitoring team member movements throughout their workday, providing a detailed snapshot of work activities and locations. This guide simplifies the process of generating and accessing these reports, ensuring you have the insights needed for effective team management.

Preparing for Location History Reports:

  1. Enable Location Tracking: Ensure the "While on the clock" tracking is activated in your account settings for accurate location data.

  2. Set Device Permissions: Team members must allow Atto continuous access to their device's location services—'Always Allow' on iOS and 'Allow all the time' on Android.

Viewing Location History Reports:

  • Navigate to Reports: Open the Atto app and select the “Reports” icon.

  • Find Timesheets: Tap on the "Timesheets" section.

  • Choose a Team Member: Scroll to find and select the team member’s entry you're interested in.

  • Review Work: View detailed work information in the "Timesheet Details" and ‘Work Hours’ view.

  • Explore Timeline View: For a comprehensive look at their location and movements, select a time entry first and then tap on the “Timeline View”.

What's Included in the Report:

Reports showcase:

  • Clock-in and clock-out times and locations.

  • Break durations and locations (Note: Location data isn’t collected during breaks).

  • Visits to job sites with times and durations spent.

  • Travel routes and time on the move.

  • Comprehensive day’s start and end locations.

Editing Location History Reports:

You can see location history reports only in the Atto mobile app, and they're made after a team member clocks out. If someone edits a time card that has a location report, it will update to show the most recent GPS information from when it was first entered.

Benefits of Utilizing Location History Reports:

  • Enhanced Work Hour Clarity: Understand precisely where and how team members spend their working hours.

  • Increased Accountability: Detailed records of work locations foster a responsible work environment.

  • Efficient Management: Use location insights for better planning and resource allocation.

Atto’s location history reports equip you with the data needed to make informed decisions, enhancing transparency and productivity within your team.

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