Atto's Location Tracking Practices

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Atto prioritizes user privacy and ensures that location tracking is only active when necessary. We are committed to minimizing location data collection and only tracking your whereabouts when it is relevant to your work activities.

Location Tracking Initiation

Location tracking in Atto begins only after you clock in. This ensures that your location is not tracked outside of your work hours, respecting your privacy and preventing unnecessary data collection.

Location Tracking During Work Hours

While you are on the clock, Atto may collect GPS location data from your device in certain situations:

  • Opening the Atto App: When you open the Atto app while on the clock, your current location is recorded to provide accurate timesheet data.
  • Movement Detection: If you move a significant distance from your current location, Atto will track your movement to accurately reflect your travel patterns and time allocation.
  • On-the-Move Tracking: While you are actively moving or working remotely, Atto will track your location to provide insights into your work activities and ensure accurate time tracking.
  • Admin or Manager Request: If an account administrator or manager needs to update your location for specific purposes, they can request a location update.
  • Ending a Break: When you end a break, your location is recorded to provide a complete picture of your work hours.
  • Clocking Out: Upon clocking out, your final location is recorded for timesheet purposes and location tracking is immediately disabled.

Location Tracking Ending 

Atto stops location tracking completely in the following instances:

  • Starting a Break: When you initiate a break, location tracking is paused until the break ends.
  • Clocking Out: As soon as you clock out, location tracking is completely terminated.
  • Device Location Services Disabled: If your device's location services are turned off, Atto will not be able to track your location.

Location History Reports

Depending on your account's location tracking requirements, Atto may generate a location history report while you are on the clock. These reports provide detailed insights into your work patterns, including time spent at job sites, travel routes taken, and time spent on the move. For detailed instructions on how to access team member history reports, refer to this help center article: Accessing Location History Report

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