How to integrate to Pathmile for mileage tracking

Our seamless integration to Pathmile allows you to sync your team members and accurately track their mileage on the Pathmile app, helping you to automate the mileage reimbursement process and get accurate logs every time.

To integrate to Pathmile:
  1. In the Atto web app, go to Settings
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Under the Mileage Tracking section, find Pathmile and click on Connect
  4. Next, click on Authorize to start the integration process
  5. Set a password for your new Pathmile account and click on Create Account
  6. Finally, select the team members from your Atto account you wish to add to Pathmile
  7. Click on Send Invites to invite the team members or Skip to skip the invite process for now

Your Pathmile account is now all set up and you'll receive an introductory email from Pathmile with further information on how to use your Pathmile account for simplified team mileage tracking.

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