How to add time entries manually?

To add a new time entry manually:
  1. Go to Timesheets
  2. Select the team member from the list
  3. To add the time entry:
    1. On mobile, tap on the “+” button, found in the top right corner
    2. On the web, click on “+ Add New Entry”
  4. Select “Work Hours” from the Select Type field
  5. Enter the date and clock in and out times (required fields)
  6. Enter break, jobs or notes (optional fields)
  7. Tap “Add Entry”
When you add a time entry manually, you can select to add the same time entry to several days. To do so, in the datepicker, enable the “Repeats” option and select multiple dates, as necessary.
NOTE: You can only add a time entry with a clock out time before your current time.

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