How accurate is GPS tracking?

In general, a team member’s clock in/out locations and current location will have an accuracy of 100 feet or less. If after a set period of time the device’s GPS does not provide a location with an accuracy of less than 100 feet, we’ll show the most accurate location available and its accuracy level.

A device’s location is provided by the GPS in the device itself, which pulls data from a combination of satellites, cell towers, and wi-fi networks. As such, there are several uncontrollable factors that may be causing a user’s location to be less accurate, such as:
  • The device’s surroundings: Concrete and underground buildings, a bag or various obstacles can cause the device’s signal to be low-strength and result in lower location accuracy.
  • Cellular or WiFi signal: In areas with limited or no cellular or WiFi signal, location accuracy may be lower due to lack of connectivity.
  • The weather: Cloudier days can cause lower location accuracy.
  • Device hardware issues: The device’s GPS may be damaged or malfunctioning.

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