How can I view a team member’s current location?

To view a team member’s current location:
  1. Go to Activity
  2. Select the team member from the list
  3. Their current location can be viewed in the map
Alternatively, you can get a quicker overview of your entire team’s location by opening the map in full screen. To do so:
  1. Go to Activity
  2. Drag down the list of team members
  3. Tap on the team member’s profile to show their location in the map
  4. A popup will open with the team member’s name, current status, location and when it was last updated
To update your team’s current location and status, tap on the refresh button, found in the right section of the screen, just above the list of team members.
NOTE: A user needs to be on the clock for their location to update in real time.
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