When does Atto track my location?

At Atto, we take privacy seriously and ensure to track your location only when necessary. Location tracking starts only after you clock in. 

While you’re on the clock, we may pull the GPS location from your device:
  • When you open the Atto app
  • When you move a certain distance from your current location
  • While you're on the move
  • When an account admin or manager requests to update your location
  • When you end a break
  • The moment you clock out
Atto STOPS location tracking completely:
  • As soon as you start a break and don’t resume location tracking until you end the break
  • After you clock out

While on the clock, depending on your account's location tracking requirements, Atto may track your movement and create a location history report. To learn more about how location history reports in Atto are generated, click here.

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