Why can’t I clock in to track my work hours?

Atto may not allow you to start tracking your work hours in several cases.

1. Location Tracking
If location tracking is required for your account and you haven’t allowed the Atto app permissions to your device’s location, you won’t be allowed to clock in. In such instances, a popup will show with additional information on location services requirements.

To enable location services for Atto:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app
  2. Go to Privacy > Location Services
  3. Select Atto from the list of apps
  4. Set Allow Location Access to “Always”
On Android:
  1. Open your device’s Settings app
  2. Go to Security & Location > Location
    1. If you don't see "Security & location," tap Location
    2. If you have a work profile, before you tap Location, tap Advanced.
  3. Go to App Level Permissions
  4. Select Atto from the list of apps
  5. Turn location permissions ON

2. Job Code Requirement
Your account may require you to select a job code before you clock in. In such instances, the job codes popup will open automatically as soon as you clock in. For the time to start and you to track your work hours, select a job code
Otherwise, please contact an account administrator to disable the job code requirements through the Atto app's settings page.

3. Other Issues
If you’re experiencing any other issues with time tracking in Atto, please contact our support team with additional information at support@attotime.com.

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