How to manage location tracking preferences

Atto offers different location tracking options to best suit your company's needs.

To set up your account's location tracking preferences:
  1. Go to Settings > Location Tracking
  2. Select one of the options, as described below:
    1. While on the clock: Tracks a user's clock in/out locations, real-time position and daily movement history. Requires users to set up "Always" location tracking permissions on their device.
    2. On clock in/out: Tracks a user's clock in/out locations only. Requires users to set up "While Using the App" location tracking permissions on their device.
    3. Never: Does not track user location. No location permissions are required.
To require location tracking for specific team members only:
  1. Turn “User-specific tracking” ON
  2. Turn location tracking preferences ON or OFF on a team member level

When "While on the clock" or "On clock in/out" location tracking is set up, team members will not be allowed to clock in/out, add a job or take a break if they haven’t enabled location services for Atto in their device.

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