How to set up your payroll period and timesheet report settings

Atto generates and emails the account owner periodic timesheet reports based on the account’s payroll period schedule.

To set up the account’s payroll period:
  1. Go to Settings > Timesheet Report
  2. Select Workweek* Start Day
  3. Select Payroll Period Schedule
  4. Tap on Save
The payroll period schedule options available are:
  1. Weekly: Report sent every week and includes hours for a full workweek.
  2. Bi-Weekly: Report sent every other week and includes hours for two full workweeks. Select the nearest date payroll period closes on to schedule the report.
  3. Semi-Monthly: Report sent twice a month and includes hours up to the two selected dates.
  4. Monthly: Report sent once a month and includes hours up to the selected day of the month.
  5. Custom: Report sent once a week and includes hours for the selected days.
The timesheet report is sent out via email the morning after the payroll period schedule’s close date.
If you need to add other team members to the timesheet report recipients list, first ensure they are listed as Admins in your account and email us their full name at

* Workweek: Seven consecutive 24-hour periods that equal 168 total hours. Begins from the selected workweek start day.

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