How can I view my team’s status in real-time?

The Activity page provides detailed insights into your team's daily activity. You can view real-time data on their current status and location, including information on which team members are on the clock, clocked out, on break, enjoying some time off or not active yet.

To make tracking easier, based on the user’s daily activity, they can have one of the following statuses:
  1. On the Clock: Shows user in green when they have clocked in and are working.
  2. Clocked Out: Shows user in red when they have clocked out and are not tracking any working hours.
  3. On Break: Shows user in yellow when they are on a break and are not tracking working hours.
  4. On PTO: Shows user in grey when they entered PTO hours with a PTO Code for the day. 
  5. Not Active: Shows user in grey when they haven’t added a time entry for the day yet.
To get additional information on a team member’s daily activity, select the employee from the list. Next, you can review their activity, including clock in and out times, jobs & breaks start and end times and notes.
If you have the required permissions, you can also clock in/out on behalf of a team member.

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