How do I set up break tracking preferences

Atto provides three different break tracking options, including:
  • Manual: Used when team members track their own break hours, and you categorize all breaks as either paid or unpaid. Team members start and end their break manually while on the clock through the Time Clock page. Break hours can be set up and categorized as either paid or unpaid by the account admin.
  • Automatic: Used when the company automatically deducts a set amount of time per day as break. Break hours are deducted automatically from the team member's timesheets daily. You can set up automatically deducted break time to be categorized as either paid or unpaid and the number of minutes/hours to be deducted.
  • Custom: Used when team members can take several breaks within the same day, and they can be categorized as paid or unpaid. You can set up different break types and each break type is set up as paid or unpaid and is assigned a custom name. When team members start a break while on the clock in the Time Clock page, they are prompted to select a break type. The break type will then be listed in the team member's timesheets and depending if it is a paid or unpaid break type, hours tracked on that break will be categorized in the Timesheet Overview.

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