What is a location history report?

A location history report provides data on a team member's movement throughout the day.  It includes data only while a team member is on the clock.

This data helps you get a much better understanding of your team's hours, including information on the time spent at each job site, time spent on the move, travel routes, clock in/out and break start/end locations, and more.

For the location history report to be generated, you need to set up "While on the clock" location tracking on your account's settings and your team members need to set up location tracking permissions for Atto in their device to "Always Allow" on iOS or "Allow all the time" on Android.

You can review a team member's location history report in the Atto mobile app. To do so:
  1. Go to Timesheets
  2. Select the member and time entry you wish to review the report for
  3. In the Timeline, tap on the map
  4. A location history report will be presented and, depending on the member's daily activity, the following data may be included:
    1. Clock in time, location and time spent on location
    2. Break start/end times and locations. While a user is on a break, no location data is made available.
    3. Job sites they've visited, including job site name/address, arrival & departure times and time spent on location
    4. The routes they've taken and time spent on the move
    5. Clock out time, location and time spent on location

If a team member or admin edits a time entry with a location history report, the report will be updated based on the available GPS data from the original entry.

The location history report can be viewed on the Atto mobile app only and is generated after the user clocks out.

To learn more about how GPS location tracking in Atto works, click here.

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