Can I track paid and unpaid breaks?

If you allow your team members to take several breaks within the same day and need to categorize them as paid or unpaid, you should set up a Custom Break Rule in your account's settings.

To set up a custom break rule:
  1. Go to Settings > Break Preferences
  2. As a Break Rule, select Custom
Next, to add different break types that users can select when starting a break:
  1. In the Break Preferences page, click on "Add New Break Type"
  2. Enter the break name
  3. Select if it is Paid or Unpaid
  4. Click on "Add Break Type"

After custom break preferences are set up, when members start a break while on the clock in the Time Clock page, they will be prompted to select a break type. The break type will be listed in the member's timesheets and depending if it is a paid or unpaid break type, hours tracked on that break will be categorized in the Timesheet Overview.

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