How do I add a user's pay rate?

Adding pay rates to your team members' profiles is a great way to automatically calculate their estimated pay and simplify payroll processing.

To add a pay rate to a team member:
  1. Go to Settings > Manage Team
  2. Select the member you want to add the pay rate to
  3. Enable the "Pay Rate" option
  4. Click on "Add Pay Rate"
  5. Fill in the Hourly Rate and Effective From fields
  6. To confirm, click on "Save" or "Add Pay Rate"

Depending on the selected effective from date, estimated pay will be automatically added/updated on the member's timesheet report. You can add multiple pay rates for different time periods to ensure that estimated pay remains accurate even if a member's pay changes.

To learn more how estimated pay is calculated, click here.

To learn how to set up different pay rates for overtime, click here.

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