What is estimated total pay?

Estimated total pay helps make payroll forecasting a breeze for your admin. After you assign pay rates to your team members, Atto automatically estimates their total pay for you. 

To calculate estimated total pay, Atto will take into account the team member's pay rate, the effective from date, your account's overtime settings, the hourly rate multiplier on overtime, and paid & unpaid break and time off tracking settings. 

It is available on a team level, as well as, on a user level.  Users with a Manager and Admin role have access and can review the entire team's estimated total pay. Users with an Employee role can review their own estimated pay only.

The estimated total pay can be found in the Overview tab in the Atto mobile app, or in the Payroll box in the Atto web dashboard and PDF timesheet report.

To learn how to set up a team member's pay rate, click here.

To learn how to set up your account's overtime settings, click here.

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