What permissions does the Atto app require to run?

For the Atto app to run as intended, when you first log in to your account, you’ll be asked to grant certain permissions. Below you’ll find a list of those permissions: 

  1. Location Tracking: Depending on the account's location tracking requirements, GPS location tracking permissions may be requested, as detailed below:
    - If "While on the clock" location tracking is selected, you'll be required to allow "Always" permissions in iOS or "Allow all the time" permissions on Android.
    - If "On clock in/out" location tracking is elected, you'll be required to set "While using the app" permissions in iOS or "Allow only while using the app" on Android.
    - If "Never" location tracking is selected, you won't be required to enable location tracking permissions.

    NOTE: The GPS on your device runs only while you're on the clock. As soon as you clock out, location tracking stops completely. To learn more about how location tracking works in Atto, click here.
  2. Push Notifications: Required to send you important reminders and notifications. To manage your notification preferences, go to Settings > Notifications
  3. Storage: Required on older Android systems only to store certain data that make viewing the map possible.
  4. Media/Photos: Allows you to set a profile picture for your Atto account.
We take privacy very seriously and can guarantee that none of the permissions above allow us to access personal information in your device.

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